2016 December I Release Notes

New Features

Supplier confirmations

The supplier confirmation screen has been fully redesigned to allow greatly improved interactions with your suppliers.
Messages to suppliers are now context based and allow standard confirmations, amendments with a breakdown of changes and cancellations.

Overriding of Package component dates

Users are now able to amend dates for Package components to extend or shorten the length of the Package.

Passenger roles

Passenger roles is a new function where users can define passenger information in an Itinerary by assigning passengers to specific roles and passenger’s ages can now also be added.
This will help with estimating prices in costings and the passenger roles will also be relevant for business rules and discounts.

Adding passengers when creating a new Itinerary

To allow for easier passenger allocation, users can now add passengers with their assigned passenger roles and ages when creating a new Itinerary.

Advanced pricing settings on Item price manager

Users can now select which prices should be used if dates selected for an Item span across more than one price period.
The options are as follows:

  • Each day – prices will be calculated on a daily basis over the relevant price periods
  • First day – prices will be calculated based on the first day of the booking period

The default in the drop down menu is None, which has the same impact as each day.

Allotment codes

Users can now define a supplier allotment code when creating an Allotment inventory season status.
This code is displayed when viewing the Inventory status column.


Deposit amount on Itineraries before conversion

The deposit amount for an Itinerary is now updated automatically each time Itinerary content is created or edited, to make this value dynamic.
This is only the case for Itineraries before they are converted to confirmed bookings.

Hide cancelled and deleted Items by default

Cancelled and deleted Itinerary Items are no longer displayed by default when opening the booking screen. They can still be displayed by selecting them in the bookings filter.

Inventory behaviour changes

When users add an Item to an Itinerary, Kaptio Travel does not reserve allotment, but does create a relationship to the allotment and stores the Inventory status on the Itinerary Item.
Only by selecting the reserve or book actions, allotment will be reserved or booked.

Package cloning improvements

Package cloning has been improved and the cloned Package will now be a full copy of the original Package.

Time schedule support on Packages

The Package configurator now supports Items with a time schedule. When creating a Package that includes a time schedule enabled component, users can now select available times as per the Item’s time schedule.

Rounding Item now not visible by default

Rounding custom Items now have the Is Visible checkbox unchecked by default on the Itinerary costings screen as they are generally not displayed to customers.

Converted Itineraries cannot be deleted

Once an itinerary has been converted to confirmed booking, users will not be able to delete the Itinerary.

Bug fixes

  • Fix for an issue where dynamic deposits were calculated incorrectly after Itinerary conversion, if a client had made a payment before conversion.
  • Fix for an issue where fields on custom Itinerary Items needed to be populated with default values to prevent validation errors.
  • Fix for an issue where some of the selected components were incorrect when editing a Package within an Itinerary,.
  • Fixed an issue where the changing of a component would also affect the selection of a another component when editing a Package within an Itinerary,.
  • Fixed an issue where uploading images into the content library was failing for users within certain time zones.
  • Fixed an issue where Package components that had been deleted from a confirmed Itinerary were not being marked as deleted.
  • Fixed a mismatch between the number of columns in the Itinerary booking rows versus the Itinerary Item rows within the costings screen.
  • Fixed an issue where adding an Item with allotments to an Itinerary via quick add resulted in a “Too many SOQL queries” error message.
  • Fixed an issue where the saving of an Allotment table with an empty row resulted in an error message.