2016 December II Release Notes

New Features

New filter on Item price manager

A sales type assignment filter has been added to Item price manager. When users select Pricelist or Price Group in the sales type filter, they can now select a specific Pricelist or Price Group from a drop down menu in the Assignment column.


Disabling of smart quantities

The setting Disable Smart Quantities has been added to App Settings. If smart quantities is disabled, the default quantity is always set to “one” when adding Items or price categories to an Itinerary. When changes are made to the Itinerary group size or an individual guest group size, it has no effect on quantities of the Itinerary Items in the relevant costings.

Improvement to Itinerary cloning

When cloning a Package Itinerary, users can no longer deselect Items related to the Package bookings.

Travel date column on bulk insert supplier invoices

The travel date column on Bulk Insert Supplier Invoices now displays the start date of the Item/ service instead of the start date of the related Itinerary.

Improvements to value discounts

When a value amount discount is applied to an Itinerary Item per booking (rather than per day or per night), the value amount is now divided by the booking length before it is applied to the Item’s unit cost and/ or price.

Discounts on fixed price Packages

Discounts related to individual Package components are no longer applied to fixed  price Packages..

Optional surcharge on payments

Users can now enable a surcharge and set its percentage amount on payment methods in the Channel setup. When Surcharge is enabled for a payment method, all payments made via this payment method within this Channel will have a surcharge applied. Users can disable the surcharge for individual Itineraries.

Fields on the Itinerary sales invoices field set

Two fields have been added to the Fields On Itinerary Sales Invoices field set: the Total Paid field and the Outstanding field.

Package improvements
  • Packages can now be edited post placeholder replacement. Components with replaced placeholders are the only components which can still not be edited.
  • The width of the Package component options screen now has 90% of screen width.
  • Long names of accommodation Items and their board basis are now shortened and their full names are being displayed when hovering over the shortened names.

Bug Fixes

  • The Amount field is now marked as required when creating taxes for Business Units.
  • Previously the reseller commission on Package bookings was saved only when a record was updated; now it is saved when a record is created or updated.
  • From now on payment confirmation Emails are only sent after a payment has been made. Emails are no longer automatically sent when the change of an outstanding Itinerary amount is caused by the editing of Itinerary costings.