2016 November II Release Notes

New Features

Business Rules

Business rules are designed to be a targeting tool and they determine when a price or discount should apply.

Business rules allow users to define an allocation minimum and/or maximum for the rule to apply. Users can also define the quantity minimum and/or maximum to determine when the rule will apply.

Business rules can be set as cumulative, which means that a discount related to the rule will be applied to every X allocation or unit of measure, where X is a sequence number specified in the business rule.

Discounts have been updated in order to support business rules as follows:

  • A new Business Rule dropdown menu has been added to the Discount edit page, so a business rule can be linked to the discount. This field is optional, so users can still create discounts without linking a business rule.
  • The Minimum field has been removed, as replaced with business rule. When a discount is not linked to a business rule, then Kaptio Travel assumes that the minimum quantity and minimum allocation are both equal to one.
  • Free Unit has been added to the Amount Type drop down menu. Free Unit can be used instead of a percentage or amount discount.

The Item price manager has also been updated and now has a new column where business rule can be selected for the price. Simultaneous use of the business rule column and the minimum quantity/allocation fields on the Item price manager is not allowed.

Price override for Package costings

Sales users are now able to override a supplier net price as well as a sales price for any Package components. After an Itinerary Item price is overridden, the line will show the manual price checkbox and discounts are no longer applied to this line Item.

The total cost is calculated based on the new manual net price and the total selling price is calculated based on the new manual sales price. Resetting a manual price is only possible on a Package refresh, which switches all manual prices back to dynamic or fixed prices according to Package setup at the moment.

Reseller commission

Users can now create, edit and manage reseller agreements to reselling agents and set commissions for all Items, addons or Packages assigned to the commission groups.

Reseller agreements can be created from the Reseller Agreement Assignments list on an agent Account detail page. They can then be assigned to any agent Account and multiple agents can share one reseller agreement. One agent can have multiple reseller agreements assigned, however only one can be active at a time.

The Reseller Agreement Assignment contains a list of all commission groups available in Kaptio Travel and allows users to set a commission percentage for each group. Commission groups can be created in App settings and then assigned to Items, addons and Packages.

In order to apply commissions to itinerary items, the Channel that the Itinerary belongs to, must be assigned to a reseller agreement.

When a reseller commission is defined for a specific agent Account, a Channel and a specific item, the reseller percentage and corresponding amount is saved to the Itinerary item and is taken into account when calculating tax, profit, margin and markup.

The only exception is an addon where the “behaves like Tax” checkbox is checked. Reseller commissions don’t apply to such addons in order for profit, margin and markup being calculated without any reseller commissions.

When a Package has its own commission group, the commission defined in the reseller agreement applies to every required component and mandatory addon in the Package. Optional components and non-mandatory addons use commissions from their own commission groups.


Split custom permissions for updating conversion rates on Itineraries

Custom permissions for updating conversion rates on Itineraries have been split into two new permissions each. Now there are four custom permissions for updating conversion rates as follows:

  • BC – Refresh conversion rates – Update conversion rates by using the Refresh rate button before converting an Itinerary to a confirmed booking.
  • BC – Manually edit conversion rates – Update conversion rates manually before converting an Itinerary to a confirmed booking.
  • AC – Refresh conversion rates – Update conversion rates by using the Refresh rate button after converting an Itinerary to a confirmed booking.
  • AC – Manually edit conversion rates – ¬†Update conversion rates manually after converting an Itinerary to a confirmed booking.
Item time schedule overview in booking manager

The booking manager user interface has been updated and now allows users to see which price categories are available for a specific departure time for Items with time schedules. The time schedule overview tooltip provides a list of available price categories and related departure times for any selected dates. Users can now easily select a time for the desired available price category without having to search via each price category.

Inventory finder improvements

A new filter has been added to the Inventory finder. Users can now narrow down the search by selecting Inventory types. There are four options available as follows:

  • Show Allotments
  • Show On Request
  • Show Free Sale
  • Show Not Available (Closed, Stop Sale, Sold Out, Not Available)

Show Allotments is the default option which is always applied when the Inventory finder is opened without predefined URL parameters.

Options selected in this new filter are also set as URL parameters along with all other filters, so search results for selected Inventory types can be shared with other users.

Description in Inventory breakdown

A description for the Inventory season status is now displayed for each day in the Inventory status breakdown tooltip on Itinerary costings, booking manager and package configurator.

Package improvements
  • Users are no longer allowed to delete a Package that has already been booked. Users can now only de-activate an already booked Package to make sure it cannot be booked again.
  • The Package price manager now has two save options:
    • A Save & Close button, which saves the changes and closes the price grid;
    • A Save button, which saves the changes but does not close the price grid.
  • A scrollbar now appears in the seasons pop-up window when creating a lot of time periods.
Passenger name list improvements
  • Addons are now separated in a separate table below the summary box in the passenger name lists. Users can now easily distinguish between room occupants and addon requirements. The addon table displays addon names, their quantity and the names of allocated passengers.
  • Several visual improvements have been made to the passenger name list.
  • Passenger lists are now sent to suppliers as attachments instead of links. Sent attachments are saved in files, so that users can view what has been sent to the suppliers. An entry is also added to Chatter with a link to the file.
New fields on Itinerary costings

The following new columns have been added to costings:

  • Unit price net
  • Total price net
  • Reseller commission total
  • Reseller commission (%).

The tax percentage has been moved into the unit price column and the subtotal column has been removed from the view.

The total amount net and reseller commission total have been added to the costing total culumn, These new values are only displayed when the total amount and total amount net are not equal, for example, if a reseller commission has been applied to an Itinerary Item.

Re-check of completed supplier invoices

The Completed checkbox in a supplier invoice line now becomes unchecked after the deletion of a supplier invoice which had been completed. These invoice lines now re-appear in the list when generating pre-paid and bill-back invoices.

Placeholder conditions

The comma in placeholder conditions now acts as an “OR” function. For example, “Item name” “equals” “double, twin” will display all Item names that are either double or twin.

Allotment stop sale colour change

Rows in the allotment table with the Stop Sale checkbox checked are now highlighted in dark blue colour instead of grey.

Itinerary sidebar on Itinerary content

The Itinerary header and sidebar are now available when creating or editing Itinerary content on the Itinerary content screen.

Bug Fixes

  • The error which occurred in the booking manager when adding a new Allotment Item with an addon has been fixed.
  • The incorrect display of price categories assigned to a time schedule after some of these categories have been removed from an Item has been fixed. An all price categories assignment is added when the last category assigned to a time schedule is removed.
  • The error that occurred on the Itinerary details screen when switching between Itinerary items has been fixed.
  • Units reserved in Allotments are no longer displayed as booked on the Inventory finder screen. They are now displayed as reserved.
  • The loading of the Itinerary content preview has been fixed.
  • Custom fields added to the Fields On Discount field set no longer break the Discount edit screen.
  • Costings no longer freeze when replacing a placeholder item with a real Item.
  • Bug fixes in Packages:
    • For Packages with a fixed price the correct prices are now delivered when the primary pricing component is an accommodation Item with an allocated board basis.
    • Addons are no longer displayed for an optional component until an option is selected.
    • Previously the secondary pricing component in a Package with a fixed price used the tax % of the primary pricing component for the profit calculation. From now on secondary components only use their own tax.
    • Removed rows are now deleted from the Package price grids after saving, so clicking Save does not result in an error message.
    • Duplicate prices are no longer created when saving Package prices multiple times.
    • From now on Package price grids only show the primary component sub options relevant to the selected primary component option.
  • Second attempt payments made right after a failed attempt are now captured on Itineraries.
  • The typo in the rounding description help text in the currency setup has been corrected.