2016 October I Release Notes

New Features

Placeholder replacement conditions

Replacement conditions can now be defined for each price category of a placeholder Item. Replacement conditions, when used after replacing a placeholder booking with an actual booking, narrows down the drop down list for suppliers and Items that can be used as a replacement. Any Item of the same record type can still be chosen if Use Replacement Conditions is disabled after replacing.

Item time schedules

Single-day Items can now have defined availability down to a time period, week days and even one or more departure times within the same day. Time schedules can be accessed from the Item sidebar menu and allows users to define time periods, specific departure times within these periods and also link the schedules to the Item’s price categories. Items with enabled time schedules can only be booked for certain dates and times within this time schedule.

Item notes

Notes can now be added to Items which can then also be viewed within an itinerary booking manager. Notes can be created for specific price categories belonging to the Item and have severity levels from note to alert and warning. Notes can be set to always be visible, or only within defined time periods.

Price/Tax split feature for fixed pricing on Packages

Fixed net and/ or sales prices for Packages can now be split between two Package components. primary component amount and secondary component amount fields can be used to define the price/ tax percentages between the selected primary and secondary components. The tax amount will then be split between the components and applied in the costings.

Package cloning

Packages can now be cloned with all its components, options, price seasons and time periods.

Allotment scheduler

A scheduled job releases units from all active allotments once a day according to the release schedule defined in the allotment tables. Midnight is recommended for this job, but the scheduled time can be set individually according to your business needs.


Package category

Packages can now have a categories assigned. The Package configurator has been improved Packages can now be filtered by category.

Package configurator – bookings with missing prices are disabled

A Package can no longer be booked when a net or sales price is missing for the Package or any of its components.

Package components with missing rates are now highlighted in the Package configurator and the Package price finder now has a red indicator showing which prices are missing.

  • A Package with a dynamic net rate cannot be booked if any of the Package components is missing a net price.
  • A Package with a fixed net rate cannot be booked if the Package is missing the net price.
  • A Package with a fixed sales rate cannot be booked if the Package is missing a sales price.
Discount groups for addons

The discount group for an addon can now be defined separately from the associated Item’s discount group, so individual discount rules can now be applied for Item addons.

Costings totals refactoring

The calculation of costing totals has been improved and now works significantly faster.The specific guest group amounts are now also displayed in the costing totals by default, so there is no need for filtering costings by guest group.

Costing filters can now be applied to Package bookings.

Improvements to advanced invoice search

Advanced invoice search has been improved and now allows users to select all available options in each filter, making the search more convenient and configurable.

Order of prices in the booking manager

Prices in the booking manager are now delivered in the following order:

  1. The customer price has the top priority.
  2. If no price is found for the customer, then the price for the price group is applied.
  3. If no price is found for the price group, then the price for the price list is applied.
  4. If no price is found for the price list, then the price for all customers is applied.

The sales type is now displayed in the booking manager to show which price has been applied.

Custom permission to manually register payments

A new custom permission called Can manually register payments has been introduced and only users with this permission can create manual payments.

Inventory query improvements

Inventory query has been improved and now checks item’s inventory automatically when:

  • A new itinerary Item is added in costings or an existing itinerary Item is cloned.
  • An Item’s price category or quantity is changed in the itinerary.
  • The travel dates, selling Channel or the Account on the itinerary is updated.
  • An itinerary is cloned.

Unavailable Items are now highlighted in the booking manager showing that the selected price category is not available for the selected dates due to the allotment table or due to a closed status of the inventory.

Enabling of inventory settings

A new setting called Enable Inventory has been added to App Settings. Users can now enable or disable the display of inventory fields on the costings page, booking manager and Package configurator.

Allotment improvements
  • A new Save & Copy button saves time when creating time periods for allotments. The settings from the previous time period are copied when clicking this button.
  • “0” is now an option for the release day, making today a valid day for the release of allotments.
  • The amount of available units is now displayed for time periods when creating allotments.
  • Selected accounts can now be assigned to allotments, making them available for specific customers only. “All accounts” can be selected for allotments as well, which makes them available for all customers.
  • By default past dates are now hidden in the allotment table and a new Show Records In Past checkbox reveals a list for dates in the past.
Sales invoices improvements

When a sales invoice is created, the document date is showing the current date and cannot be edited manually. When the next pro-forma (draft) is sent, the document date is updated. When a sales invoice has been posted, the document date is populated with the current date and will not be updated again.

Number formatting

The format of numbers in customer outputs such as sales invoices and itinerary content can now be specified on Channel level in the Output Number Format field.

Itinerary bookings screen upgrade

The itinerary bookings screen has been completely redeveloped and now has new and improved capabilities as follows:

  • Selected lines: The ability to select all lines or individual lines and let master actions affect the selected lines.
  • Master actions: Actions that affect the selected lines, including Change Confirmation Status, Change Allotment Status and Re-Check Inventory.
  • Line actions: The ability to perform a single action on the selected record, including Edit, Change Confirmation Status, Change Allotment Status, Re-Check Inventory, View Details and View Item.
  • Filtering: The ability to filter the list of itinerary Items by Record Type, Confirmation Status, Inventory Status and Date.
Naming of Package bookings

The Name and External Name fields of itinerary bookings components are now using the Item and price category names instead of the component and price category names.

Account lock on itineraries

When an itinerary has been confirmed, the Account field is locked and cannot be updated. To edit the Account field you will need to clone the itinerary.

New payment schedules tab

A new tab called Payment Schedules has been added to the Kaptio Travel Finance app, allowing finance users to view upcoming payments within Kaptio Travel.

Sorting advanced supplier invoices search

The supplier invoices on the advanced search tab can now be sorted based on the user’s selections.

Discounts in costings

Discounts on costings are now hidden by default and a blue Show Discounts label now indicates that a discount has been applied to an itinerary Item. Clicking the label shows/ hides discount information.

Image library support for Packages

The image library has been added to Packages. Now users can upload and manage Package specific images.

Bug Fixes

  • The pop-up window now stays in the centre of the screen when creating time periods for a Package.
  • The Package configurator does now not allow users to add more bookings than allowed in the Max Times setting of a component.
  • Net price is no longer displayed as “Nan” in the Package price finder.
  • In the payment schedules it is no longer possible set the due date for a balance payment earlier than the due date for the deposit payment.