Confirming An Itinerary

How to confirm an Itinerary

When your customer has confirmed his or her holiday, you can to turn their Itinerary into a confirmed booking as follows:

  1. On the Itinerary specific overview screen you can see the Actions button on the side bar on the left hand side of your
  2. Click on the Status button and the Convert to Booking link will appear.
  3. Click Convert to Booking and confirm that you are sure that you wish to turn the Itinerary into a firm booking.
  4. Once the Status has been updated, you will see the booking number underneath the actions button as follows:booking no
Editing restrictions after confirming an Itinerary

Once you have turned an Itinerary into a confirmed booking, you cannot edit or replace the following details:

  • Selling Channel
  • Buying and selling currencies
  • Customer and supplier Accounts
  • Items: You can edit the dates, timings and Item’s price categories, however you cannot edit the Item itself unless it is a placeholder Item*. You can learn more about Placeholder Items in the Placeholder Items articles.