Creating And Allocating Billback Supplier Invoices

Billback means that it is the supplier’s responsibility to send the invoice to the agent and the payment is due after the client’s travel date. This option usually applies to net rate agreements.

How to create and allocate Billback supplier invoices for a confirmed Itinerary

  1. Confirm the relevant Itinerary. You can learn how to do this in the Confirming an Itinerary article under Itinerary Management.
  2. Click Supplier Invoices on the left hand side of your screen. Once you have confirmed an Itinerary, you will see the different supplier invoice details by supplier with the total invoice amounts for all Items belonging to one supplier. On the right hand side of each supplier you can see the payment rule defined for that supplier:
  3. Click Create Billback Invoice and the following screen will appear.Screenshot_ Salesforce - Enterprise Edition - Google Chrome 2017-06-14 16.44.07.png - Google Chrome 2017-06-16 09.18.40.png
  4. Under Invoice No, enter the invoice number shown on the invoice you received from the supplier. 
  5. The Account, Business Unit, Amount and Date fields are automatically filled in. The Date is the invoice creation date and you can amend the details if relevant.
  6. Once you have entered all details click Save and you will be redirected to the invoice allocation screen where you can filter the search by dates and also search by specific booking numbers:
  7. Click Allocate next to the relevant Booking Number and the following popup screen will appear:
  8. The Invoice Amount is automatically filled in according to the Itinerary costings and the Complete checkbox is checked by default.
  9. If the Invoice Amount matches the Balance Due amount, enter an invoice Comment if needed and click Update. You will be directed back to the supplier invoice allocation screen:
  10. Click Save.
  11. When you now return to Supplier Invoices on this Itinerary, you can see that the relevant cost has been invoiced which means that the supplier invoice has been allocated to this supplier:
  12. Click on the supplier name to be directed to the Supplier Invoice Lines (SIL’s) screen where you can see all details regarding this supplier invoice including the invoice number you entered:
  13. Click on Booking Details to the left of the Full External Name to be redirected to the Item specific Details screen on that Itinerary:Salesforce - Enterprise Edition - Google Chrome 2017-06-16 09.24.43.png
  14. You can now also see the relevant supplier invoice on the supplier Account overview screen:
  15. You can now export this invoice to your accounting system.