Creating And Allocating Prepaid Supplier Invoices (Deposit And Balance Payments)

Prepaid means that it is the supplier’s responsibility to send a deposit invoice or proforma invoice to the agent as soon as a booking has been made. The balance payment can then be due before or after the client’s travel date.

With Kaptio Travel you can create a list of payments due by certain dates which can then be exported to your internal accounting system via a CSV file. This helps your accounting team to determine how much they have to pay each supplier at any specific date. In Kaptio Travel this process is called bulk insert of prepaid invoices.

How to allocate Prepaid supplier invoices

  1. Confirm the relevant Itinerary. You can learn how to do this in the Confirming an Itinerary article under Itinerary Management.
  2. Click Supplier Invoices on the left hand side of your screen. Once you have confirmed an Itinerary, you will see the different supplier invoice details by supplier with the total invoice amounts for all Items belonging to one supplier. On the right hand side of each supplier you can see the payment rule for that supplier:
  3. Click on the supplier name to see the individual supplier invoice lines for the deposit and balance amounts for each Itinerary Item belonging to that supplier.
  4. In a separate browser window, select Kaptio Travel Finance in the App drop down menu in the top right hand corner of your screen:
  5. Click the Supplier Invoices tab at the top of your screen:
  6. Click Generate pre-paid on the left hand side and the following screen will appear:
  7. You can filter your search by Booking Number, Supplier, Due By date, Currency and Business Unit.
  8. For example, if you wish to create the list of payments due for one specific Itinerary, enter the Booking Number and click Search
  9. If you wish to create a list of all payments due now for a specific supplier, enter today’s date as well as the supplier name and click Search and the following screen will appear:
  10. Check the boxes next to the relevant Booking Number and click Bulk Insert Prepaid to be redirected to the following screen:
  11. An Invoice Number has automatically been assigned and you can now see this on the left hand side of your screen. The Supplier Invoice Prefix is Business Unit specific and you can learn more about the setup of Business Units in the Business Units article under Business Units and Channels .Supplier invoice numbers are not unique and are allocated per supplier, so you can have the same supplier invoice number for different suppliers.
  12. Click on the invoice number in order to see the Supplier Invoice Detail as follows:
  13. Refresh the Supplier Invoices screen on the relevant Itinerary and you can see the total cost that has now been invoiced for this supplier:
  14. Click on the supplier name to see the individual supplier invoice lines for each Itinerary Item belonging to that supplier.
  15. Here you can see exactly which costs have been invoiced for this supplier.