1. Creating Sales Invoices

NOTE: It is only possible to create a sales invoice for an Itinerary which have been converted to a booking.

How to create a sales invoice for a confirmed Itinerary

  1. Please ensure the relevant Itinerary has been confirmed.
  2. On the itinerary specific overview screen click Sales Invoices on the left hand side of the screen and the following will appear:Sales invoice 1
  3. Click Create Sales Invoice and the following screen will appear:Sales Invoice 2
  4. Under Account the Account related to the Itinerary will show by default. You can enter an alternative Account by searching via the magnifying glass.  
  5. Under Document Date the sales invoice creation date is displayed by default. NOTE: This date is not editable, but is updated automatically when you create an invoice and when you send a draft invoice. The date will be fixed once the invoice has been posted.
  6. Under Breakdown, select from the drop down menu whether the sales invoice should show a Component Breakdown or the total Package Price only: 
    • If you select Component Breakdown, all individual itinerary components and related prices will be listed on the sales invoice. 
    • If you select Package Price, only the total itinerary price will show on the sales invoice.
  7. The Currency displayed will be the the selling currency allocated to the Itinerary.
  8. Under Status, select from the drop down menu whether the sales invoice should be a Draft only, or if it should be Posted straight away. NOTE: Whilst a sales invoice is saved as Draft, you can still edit the Sales invoice and Itinerary costings.
  9. If you have selected Draft, click Save and the overview for the created sales invoice will appear:Sales invoice 3
  10. Here you can still edit the sales invoice before posting it by clicking Edit. The following screen will then appear:Sales invoice 4
  11. You can now edit the Breakdown and add Comments if relevant.
  12. Once you have completed or edited all relevant details you can preview the PDF by clicking View PDF at the top of your screen. NOTE: In order to be able to preview the PDF, you have to allocate an Invoice PDF Page to the selling Channel. Learn more about customer email templates in the Email Templates article.
  13. Click Save at the top of your screen if the sales invoice should still be a draft only.
  14. Click Post Invoice if the sales invoice should be posted. NOTE: It is not possible to edit the sales invoice or Itinerary costings after the sales invoice has been posted.