Importing Item Data

This guide will help you import Items* into Kaptio Travel using You can learn more about our recommended data import tools in the Recommended Data Import Tools article.

How to prepare your Item data

NOTE: You need to set up supplier Accounts* before importing the associated Items. You can learn more about creating supplier accounts in the Supplier Accounts article.

NOTE: If you are using custom Item record types*, these will also have to be created before importing Items. Accommodation, activity, car rental, transfer, flight, miscellaneous and multi-day Item are default Item record types within Kaptio Travel. Please contact your account manager or Contact Support if you require any assistance with creating additional Item record types.

Before using you need to create a CSV file that contains the Items you wish to import. Please ensure the CSV file has the following columns:

  • Name of supplier Account.
  • Name of Item to import.
  • Tax Group (often the same for all rows).
  • Item record type (accommodation, activity etc).

These are the only required fields when importing Items into Kaptio Travel, however the more information you can make available the better. Please keep in mind that some of the Item data might be stored in Item related records such as Item content*, media or the price manager* and these records will be added after the basic Item record has been created or imported.

Please find an example for an Item import CSV file under the following link example accommodation items.csv.

How to upload your Item data

  1. Log into and click New Task.
  2. Select Insert and the following screen will appear:data-import-1
  3. From the Operation section select Upsert (this function will update existing records or insert new records).
  4. Type Item in the search box.
  5. Select Item from the list of options.
  6. After uploading your csv file you will see a screen similar to the following:data-import-2

How to set up the mapping

You now need to create lookups for the supplier Account, the tax group and to the Item record type in order to set up the mapping.

How to create the lookup for a supplier Account


  1. In the Supplier Name line click Select….
  2. Type “supplier” in the quick find search box.
  3. Select Supplier as follows:data-import-3
  4. The mapping will now look like the following:data-import-4
  5. Check the Lookup via checkbox and the following will appear:data-import-5
  6. Select Account Name from the drop down menu and the following will appear:data-import-6
  7. If you believe there might be duplicate Accounts in your Kaptio Travel Org, then select Mark record with an error if more than one match is found. Otherwise keep the default setting.
How to create the lookup for an Item record type


  1. In the Item Type line click Select….
  2. Type “record type” in the quick find search box and the following will appear:data-import-7
  3. Select Record Type ID.
  4. Set up the lookup in the following way:data-import-8
How to create the lookup for a tax group


  1. In the Tax Group line click Tax Group and the following will appear:data-import-9
  2. If you believe there might be duplicate Accounts in your Kaptio Travel Org, then select Mark record with an error if more than one match is found. Otherwise keep the default setting.

NOTE: Any other fields you might have for your Items can be mapped directly without using a lookup as this is only needed to create relationships to other records within the system.