Developer Guide To Payment Outputs

Kaptio Payments: Outputs

We use the CustomerPayments.component for payment outputs.
The CustomerPayments component displays a table of PaymentSchedule__c records and provides select options with amounts based on itinerary guest groups (or Group Size).
We also build available payment methods based on Channel settings.

How to use the CustomerPayments.component

You need to include kaptio CustomerPaymens.component to your custom page and configure Channel payment schedules and payment settings.

<KaptioTravel:CustomerPayments itineraryId="{!itineraryRecord.Id}" isExternalPage="true" saveRetUrl="{!$Page.PaymentHandler}?Id={!$}" showTransactions="true" />

CustomerPayments parameters:

-itineraryId(required) – Id of KaptioTravel__Itinerary__c record.
-redirectIdValue – Id of sObject that would be posted in get params(used in “redirect to custom Vf page ” payment method)
-cancelUrl – retUrl for calcel action
-showTransactions – show/hide transactions
-showCreditCardInputSection – Display Credit Card inputs (can be overridden on the channel level)
-showAddressInputSection– Display Billing Address inputs (can be overridden on the channel level)
-amountCurrencySymbol – Symbol which will be displayed instead of CurrencyIsoCode
-isExternalPage – Set to true for external site pages. Used in building of available payment methods.

Payment Result Page (for payment gateway payment method)

We do not have any global component for the output of payment result. If you do not want to customize it, you can use the kaptio default “”. Otherwise you need to use Kaptio CustomerPaymentResponseDto global class (see details in Kaptio Payments: Integration with payment service).