Email in Kaptio Travel

Default Kaptio Travel email settings

SendGrid is the transactional email provider for Kaptio Travel. With the default settings, an email sent through Kaptio Travel (SendGrid) will appear to be sent from your domain (, however the actual domain that sent the emails will be one of SendGrid’s. In some cases, when the domains do not match, the ISPs (Internet Service Providers) might be flagging an email as spam  Even though SendGrid is a trusted source, some email servers do have strict rules regarding domain mismatches.

Whitelabels allow you to send emails through your own custom domain instead of SendGrid’s default settings. This will mask your email header information with your own data (not SendGrid’s) and will improve your email deliverability.


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Whitelabeling is a functionality that shows ISPs that SendGrid has your permission to send emails on your behalf.

This permission is given by the act of pointing very specific DNS (Domain Name System) entries from your domain registrar to SendGrid. Once these DNS entries have been entered and propagated, recipient email servers and services will read the headers on your emails and check the DNS records to verify the email was initiated at a trusted source. Whitelabeling drastically increases your ability to deliver emails and allows you to begin building a sender reputation for your domain and your IP addresses.

How to enable whitelabeling

  1. Select a sub domain that you will use to point to the authenticated DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail) and SPF (Sender Policy Framework) keys stored by SendGrid. A good option is to use , however if that is already in use, some other possible options are “delivery” or “default”. NOTE: This is not the domain that will be sending the emails, this is still done by your main domain.
  2. Once the sub domain has been selected, contact Kaptio Travel Support with the information regarding your sub domain. Our support team will come back to you with three CNAME entries you must then add to your DNS settings.

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What Is the originating IP Address of emails sent from Kaptio Travel?

Kaptio Travel sends email from a single IP address. If your organization blocks the IP address, users may not receive all email sent from the system. In order to ensure that your organization’s users receive all Kaptio Travel emails, verify that the following IP addresses are whitelisted in your email server firewall.

Email IP Address:

For information about Salesforce specific email security, please refer to this Salesforce help article.