Emailing Sales Invoices To Customers

NOTE: In order to email an invoice to a customer you have to allocate an Invoice Template to the selling Channel. Learn more about customer email templates in the Email Templates article.

How to email a sales invoice to a customer

  1. On the itinerary specific overview screen click Sales Invoices on the left hand side of your screen and the following will appear:Sales invoice email 1
  2. Click on the relevant sales invoice number and the following screen will appear:Sales invoice email 2
  3. Click Send Invoice to Customer and the following screen will appear:Sales invoice email 3
  4. Under Email Format the default is set as Text-Only. You can change the email format to HTML by clicking Switch to HTML.
  5. In the To field the default is the Account allocated to the Itinerary. You can amend the Account by searching for an alternative Account via the magnifying glass.
  6. Under Related To, the default is set as the current Itinerary. This field is for internal use only and you can select alternative options from the drop down menu if relevant.
  7. Under Subject, enter the subject title which will be displayed to your customer.
  8. Under Body, the invoice email template text will be displayed and you can edit this as relevant.
  9. You can insert an alternative template by clicking Select Template at the top of your screen.You can attach a file by clicking Attach File.
  10. Once you have added all relevant details click Send.
  11. Your customer will now receive the sales invoice email and you can find the details of the email under Activity History on the Itinerary specific overview screen. 

NOTE: The document date will automatically be updated when you send a draft sales invoice email to a customer.