Flight Ticket Types

Ticket types are the default price category for flight Items. You can learn more about managing the price category types* in the  Price Category Types article under App Settings.

How to create a ticket type for a flight Item

  1. Log into Kaptio Travel and select Kaptio Travel Settings from the drop down menu in the top right hand corner of your screen.
  2. Click the Items tab at the top of your screen.
  3. From the list of Items select the relevant flight Item.
  4. Click Ticket Types on the left hand side of your screen and the following will appear:flight-ticket-type
  5. Here you can find a list of default ticket types and you can edit these by clicking Edit next to the relevant Ticket Type Name.
  6. To create a ticket type click New Ticket Type and the following screen will appear:ticket-types
  7. The Is Active box is checked by default and you can uncheck this box for any ticket types which become inactive.
  8. The default Item will show and you can edit this if relevant.
  9. Under Price Category Name enter a ticket type name for internal use.
  10. Under External Name enter a tcket type name which will be visible on the documents for your customers. If no external name is entered, then the price category name will be used by default.
  11. Under Use defaults from you can select a ticket type from the drop down menu and the fields will then be completed as per the default ticket type.
  12. Under Sort enter a number where this ticket type will show on the list of ticket types under the related flight Item.
  13. Select a Unit of Measure from the drop down menu. For example, will the price for this ticket type be per unit or per person?
  14. Select an Age Type from the drop down menu.
  15. Select a Class Type from the drop down menu.
  16. Once you have entered all details click Save and you will be taken back to the room types overview screen.

Alternatively you can also use the Quick Add function on the room types overview screen and you can learn more on how to use the quick add function in the Item Price Categories General article.