Templates For Itinerary Headings

How to create a heading for an Itinerary template

  1. To create a heading for your template such as a basic Itinerary, select Heading from the template insert tool options and the following green box will appear:
  2. To show the Itinerary name as the header, click the small + sign at the bottom of the green box and the following screen will appear:header-text
  3. Select Itinerary Name from the drop down menu and click the blue Insert Field button. The Itinerary name is dynamic and will be pulled through from the individual itineraries. You can learn more about creating itineraries in the Creating An Itinerary article and you can learn more about creating documents for your customers in the Creating Itinerary Content article.
  4. The header template will now show the following dynamic data: header-text-data
  5. Select the font size for your heading by using the H1 to H5 buttons and centre the text with the text alignment buttons in the bottom left hand corner of the green box.
  6. You can reposition a component within the template by clicking the up/ down arrow in the bottom right hand corner of the green box and then selecting the position within the Itinerary where it should appear.template-box-bin
  7. To remove a component click the recycle bin in the bottom right hand corner of the green box.
  8. Once you have added all relevant details, click the green Save button at the top of the screen.