1. How to install Kaptio Travel

Before you get started please ensure that you have installed Google Chrome as your default browser.

NOTE: Before clicking on the installation link, please ensure that you are logged out of all Salesforce Orgs on which you do not require to install Kaptio Travel.

How to install Kaptio Travel

  1. Your Kaptio Travel account manager will email you a link to the latest version of Kaptio Travel, so that you can install the package within your Salesforce Org.
  2. Log in only to the Salesforce Org on which you wish to install Kaptio Travel.
  3. Click the installation link and the following screen will appear:
  4. Select the Users for whom you would like to install Kaptio Travel. If you have existing users who will not be using Kaptio Travel, it is recommended that you set up one or more Salesforce profiles*: This will allow you to install only to those specific profiles which require access to Kaptio Travel.
  5. Click Install and the following screen will appear:

  6. Kaptio Travel uses a variety of other applications to deliver its full functionality. In order to ensure that Kaptio Travel has full functionality, please grant access to these third party applications by checking the Yes, grant access to these third-party web sites box.
  7. Click Continue and the following screen will appear while Kaptio Travel is being installed on your Salesforce Org:

  8. You will receive a message showing that Salesforce will notify you by email when the package has been successfully installed. This process can take up to 15-20 minutes before you receive the notification of the successful installation.
  9. A successful installation will result in the following email message:

    Your request to install package & quote; Kaptio Travel 2016 version x; was successful.

    Organization: Org name Org ID

    User: Username UserID

    Package: Package Name PackageID

        Some components, such as custom objects, custom report types, and workflow rules must be activated using the package deploy process before they are available to your organisation.

  10. Once you have received this message you can verify the installation in your Salesforce Org as follows:
  11. Click Setup in the top right hand corner of your screen and you will see the following menu sidebar on the left hand side of your screen:
  12. Click Installed Packages under Develop in the Build section of the menu sidebar:
  13. If you have successfully installed Kaptio Travel, then it will appear under Installed Packages as follows:

Please contact your Kaptio Travel account manager should you experience any issues with the installation or Contact Support.

You are now ready to start configuring your Kaptio Travel Org. You can learn more about how to get started with the configuration under Getting Started.