Manual Currency Conversion Rates

How to manage currency conversion rates manually

  1. Ensure that you have not checked the Use Live Currency Conversion box in the relevant currency book. You can learn more about creating currency books in the Currency Books article.
  2. in the currency books section of the currency books overview screen click the relevant currency book name and the following screen will appear:currency-books-2
  3. First of all click New Period In the conversion rate period section of the currency books overview screen.
  4. On the following screen under Starting On select a start date from the calendar. You do not need to set an end date for a conversion rate period, however each time you enter a start date for a new period, Kaptio Travel will automatically set the end date for that period as the day before the next period starts.
  5. Click Save and you will be taken back to the currency books overview screen which will now show the start date which you have just entered:currency-books-3
  6. Click Edit next to the New Period button and the grey fields below each currency will change to white, which means they are now editable.
  7. Enter the manual conversion rate into the field below each individual currency.
  8. Once you have entered all manual conversion rates for this specific conversion rate period click Save.
  9. You can set up further conversion rate periods by repeating the same steps.
  10. Once you have entered all relevant details click Save and return to the currency books overview screen by clicking Currency Setup.

NOTE: Kaptio Travel does not allow users to change a currency book from manual to live conversion rates. You need to create a new currency book and then reassign this to the relevant Business Unit.