Package Price Seasons

How to create price seasons for Packages

  1. Log into Kaptio Travel and select Kaptio Travel Pricing from the drop down menu in the top right hand corner of your screen.
  2. Click Packages at the top of your screen and the Package management overview screen will appear:packages-o
  3. Select the relevant Package.
  4. On the Package specific overview screen click the Price Manager tab and the following screen will appear:packages-price-manager
  5. To set up a new price season, click New and the following popup will appear:new-season
  6. Select a Season Name.
  7. Click Add and the following popup will appear:package-season
  8. Select a Start Date and End Date for this time period and select which days of the week it should apply to by checking or unchecking the relevant boxes. The default Start Date will show as tomorrow’s date and once you have selected a specific Start Date the default End Date will always show as the last day of the same month.
  9. Once you have entered all relevant details click Save and you will be redirected to the seasons popup screen where you can now see the list of time periods you have set up:package-season-png-2
  10. You can edit the existing Time Periods for this season and add more time periods by clicking Add and following the same instructions as before.
  11. Once you have added all relevant time periods for this season, click Save to be taken back to the price seasons overview screen.
  12. Price seasons with more than one time period will only show the first time period on this screen initially and you can click on the checkbox to the right of the relevant time period and expand this view to see all time periods relevant to this specific price season.
  13. You can also filter the view by All and Active price seasons. Inactive price seasons are, for example, price seasons in the past.