Replacing Placeholder Items In An Itinerary

How to replace placeholder Items in an Itinerary

  1. On the itinerary specific overview screen, click Costings on the left hand side of your screen and the costings overview screen will appear:Placeholder Items replace 1
  2. Click the cogwheel next to the placeholder Item price category you wish to replace (placeholder Items are marked with (P)), and the action drop down menu will appear:Placeholder Items replace 2
  3. Click Change and the following will appear:Placeholder Items replace 3
  4. Select the relevant Supplier and Item you wish to add to the Itinerary as a replacement. You can generally only select Items with the same record type as the placeholder Item and price categories equivalent to the Item placeholder conditions.
  5. Below the Supplier and Item fields, the selected placeholder price categories (placeholder conditions) are displayed on the left hand side of your screen. You can select the equivalent price category for the replacement Item on the right hand side of your screen.
  6. The Maintain Sales Price box is checked by default. Uncheck the box if you wish to manually edit the sales price for the replacement Item.
  7. The Use Replacement Conditions box is checked by default. Uncheck this box if you wish to replace the placeholder Item with an Item or price category not matching the placeholder conditions. You can learn more about replacement conditions in the Creating Placeholder Items article.
  8. Once you have amended all relevant details, click Save.
  9. You can now edit the purchasing price for the replacement Item if relevant. You can learn about manual prices in the Editing Prices Of Itinerary Items article.
  10. You can now also edit the sales price of the replacement Item if you have previously unchecked the Maintain Sales Price box.