Supported Browsers

Supported browser

Kaptio Travel is primarily tested on Google Chrome. Google Chrome applies updates automatically and Kaptio makes every effort to test and support the most recent version. There are no configuration recommendations for Chrome. Other browsers are not officially supported and Kaptio does not guarantee bug fixes to browser related issues for other browsers then Google Chrome unless specifically required.

Any screen or functionality that will be exposed to external stakeholders will however be developed and tested to support any modern browser. Internet Explorer version 7 or below will not be officially supported. and Kaptio Travel uses the following domains to deliver content. If your users are allowed general access to the Internet, there is no required action. If you whitelist domains, you must add these to your list of allowed domains. If you have disabled third-party cookies (typically enabled by default in all major browsers), you must accept them for Salesforce to function properly.

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For all browsers you must enable JavaScript, cookies, and SSL 3.0. Kaptio recommends a minimum screen resolution of 1280 x 1024 for the best possible user experience.


Kaptio Travel is based on Salesforce and Salesforce is a cloud based solution which is accessed via a browser, with all interaction carried out in the browser so there is no mandatory desktop solution to be deployed.


As Salesforce is browser based, there are no mandatory desktop components to deploy. There are optional desktop components available within Salesforce, Chatter and Outlook connectors. Chatter is available within the browser and as a client side application. The desktop version is an Adobe AIR based solution for real-time collaboration. It can either be installed by each user themselves (assuming they have desktop access rights to install software) or it can be deployed using enterprise deployment software. Outlook connector is a client side application for synchronising client side Outlook calendars, contacts and emails with Salesforce. Again, it is downloadable and installable by users or using enterprise deployment software.

Trusted Websites is the core trusted site where all aspects of the subscription service are delivered from, with the main login being accessed at

Other Applications

There are no specific desktop applications required by Salesforce for the solution to operate effectively. It is possible to connect Salesforce to core desktop applications such as Outlook and Office, to facilitate best working practices.


Kaptio Travel and is designed to use as little bandwidth as possible, so that the site performs adequately over high-speed, dial-up, and wireless Internet connections.

  • While average page size is on the order of 90KB, uses compression, as defined in the HTTP 1.1 standard, to compress the HTML content before it is transmitted as data across the Internet to a user’s computer. The compression often reduces the amount of transmitted data to as little as 10KB per page, viewed due to the lack of image content. The site was designed with minimum bandwidth requirements in mind, hence the extensive use of colour coding instead of images. Our average user also is known to view roughly 120 pages from our site per day.
  • Our application is stateless; therefore, there are no communication requirements in the background once the page loads, like traditional client server applications, e.g., Outlook. Therefore, once the page loads there are no additional bandwidth requirements until a user queries or writes information to
  • In practice we have found the bandwidth requirements for other commonly used programs place a much higher demand on Internet bandwidth. We have also found through working with our customers that email (business & personal), email attachments, News, streaming video, and stock updates, place a much greater strain on the available bandwidth. Hence, we recommend the customer measure all activities to make sure they are evaluating a holistic demand on their network services.

Look and Feel

Kaptio and Salesforce continues to invest significantly to ensure the look and feel is easy to use and intuitive at all times, with most clients using the common look and feel we provide, while maintaining the flexibility to add custom fields, objects and code within this environment. ~5% of clients choose to create their own specific look and feel, rendering the underlying application in a new way.

We would recommend customers use our standard look and feel, apart from screens that are exposed to external stakeholders or purpose-built screens such as the Train Departure screen or the Intelligent search.

Testing Environments

Salesforce provides multiple environments as standard for each client. Additional environments can be purchased from Salesforce. Salesforce also provide the tools to migrate configuration information from one environment to the other.